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A Guide to ‘The Original 6AMLD’: An Update on the EU’s AML Criminal Law Directive

Despite the war in Ukraine and the ongoing pandemic, the EU has other pressing policy issues on its collective mind in 2022, of which AML/CFT reform is amongst the most important.

With a new set of proposals for radical overhaul released by the European Commission in July last year, there’s certainly change on the horizon. However, in the meantime, the implementation of the most recent EU AML/CFT directive – commonly known as 6AMLD – remains a live issue for the financial sector.

In our latest guide, we reflect on the directive’s development, content and implementation, and explore key questions such as:

  • How far has the financial sector come in identifying and responding to financial crime risks of concern, and assuring appropriate levels of internal governance?
  • What more needs to be done by firms operating in the EU to ensure they are compliant?
  • What changes have been proposed by the European Commission and how might those changes impact firms?

Read the Guide:

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