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AI Regulation in the US - A Guide for Compliance Officers

2023 may be remembered as the year that ChatGPT went mainstream and when people used artificial intelligence (AI) to clone themselves in virtual settings, fooling their banks and families.

While people are learning how to use AI to gain and share knowledge and increase efficiencies, criminals are also learning how to exploit it. From the use of chatbots to proliferate scams, to tailoring fraud attacks on learned user behavior, to the proliferation of personalized terrorist inciting materials, to the generation of synthetic child exploitation content, to impersonation fraud using voice mimicking software and the development of deepfake images and videos, the world is only just beginning to see how AI can
 be used to profit from crime.

At the same time, AI is now recognized as a key technology to develop tools to fight crime and money laundering and as a set of technologies that need to be subject to regulation to minimize risks and harms while promoting responsible innovation.

This guide, written by compliance experts at ComplyAdvantage and Resistant AI, explores the growing regulatory momentum around AI in the United States. It explains existing and proposed federal and state legislation and provides practical tips for compliance leaders looking to ensure their firms keep pace with regulators. 

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