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Building an AML Framework for Fintechs in EMEA

Fintechs and digital-first financial service businesses have benefited from increased investment and customer growth in recent years. However, operating a regulated business brings great responsibility and when it comes to financial crime, the key elements of success are knowing your obligations and truly understanding your risks. Building a robust AML/CFT structure can feel like a hurdle when you need to be focussing on scaling and building your USPs. It is also important to remember that although perfection is not possible and it is easy for businesses to fall into a ‘tick-box’ approach that focuses on doing ‘just enough’ to meet legal and regulatory requirements, more needs to be done.

Our full guide for Fintechs in EMEA, including a checklist of key issues that will need to be considered when developing a financial crime framework, is available here.Join Matthew Redhead, Associate Fellow, RUSI and experts from FINTRAIL, Beyond and Hubuc, as they discuss the processes, policies and platforms that will put you ahead in the fight against financial crime.

This webinar will provide Fintechs guidance around:

  • The core fundamentals of financial crime responsibilities for AML programs following the international standard-setter Financial Action Task Force (FATF);
  • The framework for taking a ‘Risk-Based Approach’ to these responsibilities and the principles and actions that should guide it
  • The set of principles and actions which can help shape a flexible and robust framework.

Speakers Include:

  • Matthew Redhead, Associate Fellow, RUSI (Moderator)
  • James Nurse, Co-founder, FINTRAIL
  • Matt Neill, Managing Director, Beyond & Fintech Innovation Network
  • Justine Gilder, MLRO & Head of Compliance, Hubuc

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