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How to Create a “Butterfly Effect” to Mitigate and Prevent Fraud

Discover the latest identity fraud trends and what can be done to reduce the impact of identity fraud across the industry

Javelin celebrates 20 years in conducting their annual Identity Fraud Study. The study examines financial losses, criminal motives, and the long-term effects of identity fraud victimization. Over the years, we’ve seen a positive impact from the continuous efforts of financial institutions to combat identity fraud in its various forms. These efforts have resulted in what Javelin calls a “butterfly effect.”

Watch How to Create a "Butterfly Effect" to Mitigate and Prevent Fraud to get insights into the latest trends in identity fraud and what financial institutions can do to combat and prevent fraud. 

View on-demand to:

  • Keep up-to-date with newer types of fraud.
  • Discover the consumer impact of fraud on your bottom line.
  • Explore the red flags and indicators of account takeover fraud.
  • Learn the three key components to mitigate fraud risks.

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Speakers include:

Andrew Davies-ComplyAdvantage-Headshot Image-Small (1)
Andrew Davies

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Tracy Kitten

Director, Fraud & Security
Javelin Strategy & Research

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