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Are You Ready to Take the PEPs Challenge in 2024?

On-demand webinar in collaboration with FullCircl

With increased media focus and a raft of impending elections, are you confident you can effectively manage PEP risk?

2023 has seen headlines highlight the challenge of balancing the potential risks of dealing with politically exposed persons (PEPs) and protecting the right to access banking services. This tightrope walk that financial institutions must take is about to get trickier as we head into 2024, a year with numerous national-level elections, including in the US and UK, that could reshape the political landscape. 

As financial services organisations seek to balance PEP-related risks, our expert panel will address the PEPs challenge head on and consider:

  • Why there isn’t a globally agreed definition for PEPs and the methodologies that can be used to define them.
  • How adopting a data-driven approach to deliver a more layered solution for PEP screening empowers risk-based decision-making.
  • Best practices to assess PEPs’ family members, known associates, businesses, and their transactional relationships.
  • How to investigate relationships and financial interactions to identify broader patterns of sanctions evasion and political corruption.


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Speakers include:

Alia Mahmud
Alia Mahmud

Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead,

Justin Fitzpatrick

COO & Co-Founder,

Paul Dale

Senior Financial Crime Manager, Jeeves

Jessica Cath

Head of Financial Crime,
Thistle Initiatives 

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