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Fraud Detection

Detect, Deter & Defend: The Importance of AI for Effective Fraud Detection

On-demand webinar

Explore the tangible benefits of AI-driven fraud detection, from improving operational efficiency and reducing false positives to mitigating risk.

Payment fraud is expected to continue increasing and is projected to cost $40.62 billion in 2027 – 25 percent higher than in 2020.

The introduction of real-time payment rails and new payment formats has transformed the ecosystem and further accelerated fraud risks.

In this webinar, our panel of experts explore the potential for AI-driven fraud detection to evolve with fraud risks and maintain pace with evolving fraud methodologies - in turn revolutionizing fraud prevention strategies. The panel consider:

  • The problem, the challenge, and the outlook of fraud today.
  • How AI algorithms can adapt, update and evolve to keep up with fraudsters, and identify illicit activities on an unprecedented scale
  • The tangible benefits to organizations and consumers, and potential risks that need to be considered

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Speakers include:

Alia Mahmud
Alia Mahmud

Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead

Todd Raque

Managing Director - Financial Crimes and Fraud Solutions

Garrett Laird

Director - Decision Science

Sandra Peaston
Sandra Peaston

Director of Research and Development

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