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Adverse Media

How to Make Adverse Media Your Secret Risk Detection Weapon

On-demand webinar

Join our panel of industry experts as they discuss how firms can deploy adverse media effectively to inform and identify risk.

Every financial institution is faced with the need to meet diverging regulatory expectations worldwide while identifying ways to work more efficiently and support the growth of the business. 

However, not every financial institution deploys adverse media effectively to help achieve these goals. This practical webinar will show you how. Topics discussed include: 

  • How insights from adverse media can inform and identify risks.
  • Assessing the cost of implementing and maintaining adverse media.
  • Weighing up the benefits and risks of an adverse media solution. 

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Speakers include:

Iain Armstrong
Iain Armstrong

Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead

Brandi Reynolds

Managing Director
The Bates Group & CAMS-Audit

Dev Odera

Founder, The Laundry & Consultant, Minerva Stratagem Consulting

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