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The State of
Financial Crime:
What To Expect in 2024

On-demand Webinar

Join our Regulatory Affairs team as they unpack the results of our global survey on what senior financial crime decision-makers believe will shape 2024.

Drawing on insights from our global survey of 600 senior compliance professionals, this webinar explores:

  • How AI is being deployed to fight financial crime and the ethics/regulations surrounding its usage.
    Are firms on track to meet regulatory expectations surrounding AI explainability?
  • How firms should adjust their AML programs to prepare for the volume of major elections in 2024.
    Our survey shows organizations are expecting their risk appetite related to PEPs to change in 2024. But what alterations need to be made to accommodate this change?
  • Where firms are investing their budgets to balance technology improvements and staff upskilling.
    Using our survey results, firms can benchmark their compliance budget against other industry players.
  • The impact of real-time payments on compliance.
    How should firms monitor an increasingly challenging payments landscape with multiple payment rails and stay on top of emerging legislation?

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Hosted by:

Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies

Global Head of Regulatory Affairs

Iain Armstrong
Iain Armstrong

Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead

Alia Mahmud - Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead  Customer in Residence
Alia Mahmud

Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead

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