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Celent report: Maximizing the Value of Adverse Media Monitoring

Adverse media screening is a powerful tool for developing a full, 360 view of customer risk. As the industry knows all too well, a clear understanding of your customer is crucial for meeting regulatory obligations and avoiding reputational damage.

Forward-thinking businesses are increasingly seeing the value of adverse media screening when integrated into existing AML workflows and enhanced with the use of innovative technologies.

Are you maximizing the potential of adverse media?

For it’s recent report, leading research and advisory firm Celent interviewed tier 1 banks from across the world, revealing some insightful answers to key questions such as:

  • How can adverse media screening support a dynamic customer risk assessment?
  • How can banks leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to drive efficiency?
  • How can banks effectively integrate adverse media screening to their existing AML value chain?

The report is can be downloaded from the ComplyAdvantage website by completing the form. Discover how you can enhance the effectiveness of your AML framework and reduce risk with adverse media screening today.

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