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Process Payments Without Delays

Onboard clients and clear payments swiftly and safely in real-time

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Transaction Screening

Our 2-way API allows quick payment processing by stopping suspicious payments
reaching its destination sending immediate alerts to your compliance team until they remediate the alert.

World Leading AML Data

Global coverage of Sanctions & Watchlists, updated as quickly as every 15 minutes to better facilitate the ability to stop illicit payments immediately.

Faster payment processing

Screen transactions in real-time and without disruption to your payment flow thanks to our highly functional, RESTful API with Webhooks.

Fewer false positives

Minimize your operational workload and overhead costs by tailoring our comprehensive matching technology and data sets to your risk-appetite.

Straight-through Processing

Our platform enables compliance teams to block high-risk transactions before they are processed, whilst allowing safe payments to pass through your ecosystem automatically without delay.



Transaction Monitoring

  • Keep up with changing risks quickly by easily tailoring scenarios.

  • Implement quickly, easily and securely with REST API or Batch File Uploads.

  • Prevent suspicious activity in real-time or retrospectively using our REST API.

  • Increase automation and minimize unnecessary alerts to transaction risks

  • Use current rules or set your own to meet regulatory requirements such as payment limits


We help organizations across the payments sector:

  • Mobile Money

  • Pre-Paid Cards

  • Remittance & FX Brokers

  • Virtual Currencies & Exchanges

  • Non-Bank Credit Card Issuers

  • Payment processors, Aggregators, Acquirers & Gateways

  • Virtual Currencies & Bitcoin

  • eWallets, eMoney, SPI, API, PSP, PISP, ASPSP, & AISP

  • Challenger / Neo Banks


  • Real-Time Monitoring Capabilities

  • Configurable Rules Engine

  • Flexible API Integrations