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Webinar: Crypto AML Regulation - Where Are We Now?

Russia, Ukraine, and Sanctions Polarization: What’s Next?

2022 has already become one of the most consequential years on record for the use of sanctions. So, as part of the ComplyAdvantage summer series of webinars, we’ll be exploring the evolving sanctions landscape. Our expert panel will assess:

  • The path forward in Ukraine. With Western sanctions set to hold for the long-term, greater emphasis is being placed on implementation and enforcement. What does this mean for compliance and sanctions professionals?
  • The growing focus on the unintended consequences of sanctions, through the lens of Afghanistan sanctions regimes one year after the Taliban took power.
  • A review of sanctions regimes in other hotspots, including North Korea and Iran, and how wider geopolitical tensions between Western powers and Russia/China impact the prospects for further action in those countries.

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Host: Matthew Redhead

Associate Fellow, RUSI

Megan Smith

Legal Officer, REDRESS

George Voloshin

Global Anti-Financial Crime Expert, ACAMS

Dev Odedra Founder, The Laundry & Consultant, Minerva Stratagem Consulting