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The Challenge of PEPs

A Comprehensive Guide

Despite being a core component of any risk management program, politically exposed persons (PEPs) remain inconsistently defined and difficult to screen for effectively.

Who is a PEP, the level of due diligence they should be subjected to, and the extent to which their relatives and close associates (RCAs) must be included are all difficult questions, where the answer may vary across jurisdictions.

This new guide aims to break down these questions, taking a comprehensive and practical look at the PEP landscape and how firms should navigate it. We also draw on insights from ComplyAdvantage’s category-leading, proprietary PEP database to explore how PEP demographics vary in major economic centers. 

Download your copy to explore:

  • How to manage PEP risk levels
  • Red flags and risks associated with PEPs
  • Time limits on PEP status
  • How ComplyAdvantage classifies PEPs

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