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A Guide to the European Union’s New AML/CFT Framework

Following a review of its AML/CFT framework, the European Union is preparing to introduce a suite of new regulations that will have significant implications for firms operating in, or doing business with, EU countries.

This report reviews all the proposed initiatives in detail, exploring their implications for compliance professionals to help firms to proactively optimize their AML/CFT programs. The report will cover:

  1. The Region – A proposal to introduce a supranational Anti-Money Laundering Authority for Europe (AMLAR)
  2. The Countries – A new AML/CFT Directive member states must implement via their domestic frameworks
  3. The Private Sector – A regulation designed to establish a common AML/CFT rulebook with guidance for firms on how they can meet their obligations (AMLR)
  4. The Transactions – An updated transfer of funds regulation to bring virtual asset service providers into scope (TFR)

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