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Uncover hidden risks and protect your organization from financial crime

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Discover how to detect, deter, and manage financial crime risk throughout the customer lifecycle

Many financial organizations are looking to reduce false positives along with reducing onboarding and remediation times. This can be a challenge when you have to balance the needs of the business, compliance requirements and the evolving financial crime landscape. 

We have a solution for you. ComplyAdvantage provides financial organizations with access to global data intelligence along with AI-driven risk detection technology to help you make intelligent risk decisions, faster. Financial organizations like the actionable and explainable insights we deliver because it helps them meet regulatory compliance.

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The State of Financial Crime

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The State of Financial Crime report explores the trends shaping today's financial landscape and their implications.

Crowdfunding, in conjunction with cryptocurrencies and social media, increases the risks of terrorist financing by allowing bad actors to utilize the reach of crowdfunding platforms and crypto asset technologies to gain support from followers and receive funds.

If you would like to better understand the financial crime landscape, and the rising risks in crowdfunding, you can access a digital copy here.

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