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How to Enable Growth and Scale Your Compliance Program while Containing Compliance Costs

On-demand Webinar

Webinar Overview

In a recent survey, 36% of your peers stated that they plan to spend 51-80% of their compliance budget on personnel and 51% plan to spend 51-80% of their spend on technology (Source: ComplyAdvantage). There’s no question a blend of top talent and innovative technology is crucial to managing surging financial crime.

Join us for a webinar to learn how you can grow and scale your compliance program within your current budget. During this webinar, you hear from industry experts who will discuss how to: 

  • Overcome certain challenges facing compliance teams today
  • Design an effective compliance program that addresses various forms of risks
  • Avoid AML enforcement actions by learning from the firms who have faced penalties
  • Leverage data, insights and technology to satisfy compliance requirements
  • Optimize your compliance budget to accomplish more with limited resources

Attend this webinar to get practical tips on how to position your compliance team for success in the ever-evolving financial crime landscape.

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Speakers include:

Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies

Global Head of Regulatory

Sheereen Khan
Sheereen Khan

CEO and Founder, Accelerated Risk Management Solutions and former Chief Compliance Officer

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